Best Mortgage Lenders 2018

Shopping for a new mortgage loan? Looking for the best mortgage lenders? Looking for the best Loan Officers? Search for the best in your State. Ask a Lender brings you the best mortgage lenders near you. Before you buy or refinance a home, shop around to pick the best mortgage lender, broker or loan officer:

After 28 years in the mortgage industry, I have learned many aspects of mortgage shopping, and have worked with thousands of consumers & mortgage professionals over the years. I am very familiar with all the online sources out there for mortgage shopping.

In my opinion, using an Industry source that has direct experience with lenders and loan officers, would be at the top of my list. I have known about Scotsman Guide since I began as a loan officer in 1990. For over 30 years, they have been the go to for mortgage professionals across the country. In my opinion, they know who are the best lenders to work with. I say this because, they work closely with lenders and loan officers on a regular basis, compiling data on production numbers that are verified through them. Only the top lenders and loan officers make their list each year. They know the industry better than most anyone.

To me, there referrals carry much more weight then most referral sources. Why? Because they know more about their lenders and loan officers than most other sources.

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About Ask a Lender:

Ask a Lender is your online platform to search for loans, connect with lenders and get financial information. With Ask a Lender, you keep your personal data safe and your lending options open. Ask a Lender is fast, easy and powerful — it’s the way to Borrow Wisely®

Ask a Lender allows you to view lenders and their contact information without disclosing any of your personal information or registering for an account. You’ll never get unsolicited calls or emails — you’ll hear only from lenders you’ve selected.

Ask a Lender also empowers borrowers to Borrow Wisely® through a vast catalog of editorial content, including carefully researched articles written by our team of staff writers, and blog posts written by industry experts.

Ask a Lender is a unique online platform that helps borrowers connect with lenders directly while protecting their personal information. Ask a Lender provides unprecedented lender searches and educational resources required to Borrow Wisely®.

Company Overview

Scotsman Guide, the leading resource for mortgage originators, is published nationally every month in separate residential and commercial editions. Our magazines are available in print, as digital editions ( and at We offer one free, ongoing subscription to every mortgage loan-origination office that brokers loans in the United States.


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Real Estate Business Texting Software Platform

Real Estate offices embrace new business texting software platform. This is a Software Platform that is a must have for every Real Estate office. Realtors will be happy their company has this service.

Office Staff can text from their computers and not use their personal cell phones for texting.

Phone calls, voice mails, emails and website communications are slower. Send Lock Box codes, schedule showings with a quick text from computers. Text messages are read faster and more convenient.

Log in from any computer. Away from your computer? No problem the Mobile App keeps you connected 24/7.

Receive text messages on computers as well. New inquiries can text the office line if they prefer vs. calling. Millennials represent 50% of home buyers in 2017. A Lead Gen tool that will increase business. Change all office phone number listings to “Call or Text” to give customers the option if they prefer to text.

The Software Platform saves and tracks all text conversations for convenient accessing in the future.

Improves customer service and communications. Office Staff will enjoy using these easy to use software tools.

There are many other ways this Software Platform can benefit Real Estate offices. Customer follow up with CRM integration is one of the many other benefits and advantages.

The monthly cost per office is minimal compared to the vast advantages and benefits. This really is a must have service in today’s texting world.

Contact us to Schedule a Demo and learn more or contact me with any questions. Call or Text Dave @ 248.767.1950 or email: