Business Texting Service for Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage Lender Business Texting Service. Mortgage Lenders improve Customer Communications, increase Lead Gen and enhance Customer Service (and reduce loan processing times). Let your customers text your company landline and toll free phone number. So many ways to utilize this business texting service.

Processors can text customers and receive faster response rates to get conditions cleared (And not need to use their personal cell phones). Phone calls, voice mails, emails take more time to connect with the customer.

New customers can text if they chose vs. calling or filling out forms on websites. Market your company phone number as “Call or Text” 800-000-0000. You will be surprised how many more new inquiries you will have for MLO’s to contact.

Stay in touch with your past customers and current Leads with our CRM integration tools (Sales Force and other CRM’s). Our patented software platform is easy to use. The platform is specialized for the mortgage industry and accessible on Desktops as well as from our Mobile App.

Anthony VanDyke, president of ALV Mortgage in Utah, says his company started text messaging clients earlier this year, and that they love it. “We found that clients can’t and just don’t want to answer their phones at work,” VanDyke says. “But they have no problem sneaking in a text message to answer a quick question.” “This has dramatically sped up our loan process as we are now not waiting 24 hours to get a response to our voicemail,” he says. “We are now getting answers to questions immediately.” Source:

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