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Lender Insider was founded in 1999 by David Mully the former Founder of RateUpdate.com. Dave started off as a mortgage loan officer in 1991. He formerly owned a successful Mortgage Rate Table publisher national website rateupdate.com, along with 50 State lending related websites.

Lender Insider has over 28 years experience in the Lending Industry.

Dave has been involved with both the Retail side, and the B2B side of the Lending Industry. It gives him a unique perspective from both the retail and business sides of the Banking Industry.

MortgageLoan.com was established in 1995, MortgageLoan.com was the first Internet site to feature live mortgage interest rates for consumers. Since then, we've built a reputation as a premier online resource for people who are in the market for a home loan of any type.

More than half a million American consumers each month look to MortgageLoan.com to get the best mortgage rates, financial advice, home loan guidance and for our unique combination of interest rate information, financial news, consumer education materials, and personal finance tools.

MortgageLoan.com has two goals: to help people get the best rates and terms they can find on home loans and to provide them with the information they need to become knowledgeable mortgage consumers.